Ambipar Site Services can supply the latest in drainage technology with its new fleet of vehicles. Our fleets consists of combi units machines like the Muller deep sewer vacuum machine and the Amphitech deep sewer vacuum machine which can cover all sizes and dimensions of drainage / pipework and gullies as well as culvert cleaning. We also deal with reactive and planned maintenance works as required.


The combination units can offer the dual role of being able to clean and also remove waste from drainage systems using the vacuum system on the vehicle. Waste can then be transported to an approved disposal site in accordance with our waste management licence. Small tanker units can also offer septic tank / fat trap cleaning and disposal.


CCTV Surveys


Ambipar Site Services have invested significantly in CCTV technology to deliver the full range of CCTV services and capabilities. Our CCTV survey equipment can survey drains ranging in diameter from 75mm to 3000mm and up to 200 metres in length on and off road. Upon completion of the CCTV survey, our clients are supplied with a colour DVD and a comprehensive Wincan version 8 report, with recommendations prepared by a fully qualified engineer (os19x).


Push Rod Systems

These are used for predominantly domestic drainage systems and can carry out survey in pipes up to 150mm in diameter, They consist of a camera and light head attached to a 60-100m rod which can be pushed along the sewer, These Units are portable so surveys can be done even in the most difficult locations


Mainline CCTV

The motorised crawler unit are designed to drive through larger diameter sewers, pipes and culverts. They can survey pipes up to 3000mm in diameter and have ‘Pan and Tilt’ camera heads which enable the surveyor to examine possible defects or even look up lateral connections.

It is our commitment to continuously invest in revolutionary technology. Our CCTV camera units are an important aspect of this investment and are an extremely popular service we offer to our clients. With the use of CCTV, our engineers and clients alike can inspect the internal condition of drainage infrastructure and determine the location of any blockages.

With our state of the art camera units, WinCan software and our experienced engineers, we can offer you the most efficient, professional service possible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our CCTV operators are trained and accredited to OS19X for piped drain and sewers and OS21X for bricked sewers. These accreditations are a pre-requisite for all operators who prepare CCTV reports for long term records purposes for all the U.K. Water requirements. Our Teams are also highly trained to enable them to work in confined Space Environments and all hold NRASWA certificates for all aspects of street works.

Should the initial inspection identify a problem that requires immediate rectification then we have our own fleet of specialist vehicles available ranging from domestic jetting vans who are also available throughout the year to industrial super combination units, vacuum tankers and DISAB. We also specialise in off road cleansing with the use of remote hose reels alongside the off road cctv technology.


Sewer Traverse

Although with the CCTV technology at the stage that it is at, there are still inspection situations where the traverse of a large sewer or tunnel remains the only suitable option to gain useful data on the condition of the structure. In the case of very large sewers and tunnels or where access points are a great distance apart, inspection by CCTV methods just isn’t an option and the only alternative (assuming not undertaking the inspection isn’t an option) is to introduce a traverse team into the sewer to carry out the survey.


Sewer Cleaning

Our combination units are also suited for small domestic problems. Each unit carries a push rod CCTV system so we can identify any potential problems with the sewer in a single visit.


Jet-vac Combination Units

These are large HGV units with Medium or High Volume jetting capability with suction capability- ideal for mid range sewer diameters, these are extremely reliable units and also come with a range of Root cutting nozzles including ‘Warthog’ cutters especially for heavy root build ups in medium range diameter sewers.



Root and Scale Cutting

All of our units come complete with the latest cutting nozzles including ‘Warthog’ cutting jets- these can remove most types and volumes of obstructions and intrusions including Tree Roots, Encrustation, Heavy Grease deposits and many other hardened deposits.