Is Zero Waste Really Possible in the UK?

Zero Waste In The UK, A Possibility?

Is it really possible for the average UK family to get to the point where they create Zero Waste? Although it may not appear so, it could actually become a reality.

The definition of ‘Zero Waste’ is referring to residual waste – that cannot be composted or recycled.

One lady was able to prove that it was possible to do an entire week of Zero Waste – even back in 2008. Landfills and incinerators were proven to be surplus to requirement. Some individuals who are particularly passionate about the environment approach this goal by focusing on conscious, shopping and meticulous waste division at home.

Here are our tips on how it can be approached.

Conscious Shopping

Being watchful and mindful about products that we bring into the home is important in avoiding waste generation at home. Many products are not compostable or recyclable due to bad design. The first step is to look for alternatives of these products, without needing to take home the waste that comes with it.

Avoid products that are single-use only such as nappies, plastic bags, razors, packaging – not to mention it’s packaging that contains a lot of the toxics such as PVC, DPA, brominated flame retardants.

A foundation of zero waste is to support the local community by buying local. Use that which is sold in bulk, recyclable and reusable. You’ll find that there are also less emissions in transportation, more local jobs and less toxins for future generations.

Proper waste separation at home

It’s important to try and reintroduce this as much as possible into the production cycle. It’s for this reason that items are separated into the right sections.

The biggest waste channel is food waste. However, you can recycle some of this yourself by using food waste as compost, feeding animals. Many local governments are now collecting bio-waste. Other waste streams have to be separated properly.

Although zero waste is operating for some people, we think it’s going to take a very long time for it be integrated. Many businesses encourage their staff to go for Zero Waste at home – are you doing it at your business.