An Insight Into Waste Management

Waste management: A high Priority of Modern Times.

The United Nations Environment Programme recently stated, “Managing solid waste well and affordably is one of the key challenges of the 21st century, and one of the key responsibilities of a city government.”

Unfortunately times have evolved and we’ve moved on from the days when governments were responsible for all waste management. Now it’s become something that we should all have an interest in as this is something that can affect our well-being, health and the environment.

Most members of the public are not aware of how serious the matter of waste is. They put their rubbish in a bin bag and put it outside of their home, not concerned or interested in what happens next. As long as the dustmen come to pick it up, it’s out of their hands out of sight out of mind.

Although this was societal norm of days gone by, it’s now come to the point where the permanent disposal of waste, and the following year is something that no many are aware of. There is a risk of potential long term negative consequences to well-being, health and ecology resulting from improper disposal.

Even rubbish that comes out of residential areas is made up of a multitude of different materials – such as metal can, packaging, food waste, paper, plastic and other items contain dangerous toxins. It is important that any toxic chemicals are disposed of properly by specialists so as to not allow them to interfere with water, air or lands.

Landfills are maintained to protect the environment

Landfills will quite often meet the needs of waste disposal. These days, it’s not just a ‘hole in the ground’ but a well-designed and purpose built space constructed with environmental regulations and considerations applied. Local topography is considered in addition to groundwater depth, nature of earth materials and a concise evaluation of any local natural hazards.

As part of the process, there is also a plan assigned to both remove and treat toxic soup of chemicals, dissolved metals and other harmful substances – known as the leachate. Each day the rubbish has a top soil added to stop weather exposure, vermin and other pests and keep the landfill ‘sanitary’.

Here at Enviroclear we perform a number of waste management services including:

  • Recycling
  • Tank cleaning
  • Spillage and pollution control
  • Effluent recycling
  • Skip hire
  • Drain cleaning service
  • CCTV Survey equipment

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