Jet-Vac Combination Units

Comprising of an 8 tonne on board water supply with a 3000psi jetter and a 4 tonne capacity ‘Whale’ vacuum tanker unit, our Jet/Vac vehicles are ideal for small quantity wastes where a wash down is also required such as septic tank empties or; drainage solutions where a larger volume of water is required.

These are large HGV units with Medium or High Volume jetting capability with suction capability- ideal for mid range sewer diameters, these are extremely reliable units and also come with a range of Root cutting nozzles including ‘Warthog’ cutters especially for heavy root build ups in medium range diameter sewers.

  • 4″-6″-8″ Diameter Units
  • Blocked Drains/ Pipelines (Fresh Water & Effluent)
  • Cleans Interceptors
  • 4 x 4 off road capability
  • Works Alongside CCTV Camera Crews